I had a chemical stress test this past Fri. the 3 hr. one. I got the results on line yesterday and I don't see my Dr. until after Christmas. Of course I can't understand them and it's making me nuts. I can deal with anything except not knowing what I might be facing. By the way I think this is cruel to do to someone. If anyone can interpret this I would appreciate it, if it's something I shouldn't be asking I apologize. So one page has.... some reversible perfusion is noted at the apex and apical lateral wall, otherwise normal activity in rest of myocardium. The other says ...stress induced ischemia


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  • Can you give more details about the report or even copy it onto here.

    No follow up until after Christmas is clearly good news as nothing urgent found!

  • Being in limbo is awful. Can't process or plan for the future, just sit around while your mind does its level best to persuade you the worst is coming.

    Goldfish is probably on to something though. If there were anything serious or bad I'm sure the doctor would want to see you sooner.

  • Thank you, you have definitely eased my mind. Pam

  • All looks ok P. Your blood pressure seems ok, a little bit of white coat after your treatment.

    Stop worrying we are here for you


  • Honestly B. people on this site are so kind to me. I think I can relax now. Pam

  • Pam that good news, you can relax a bit now, as worrying is very bad for us,

    I must say that we are very lucky to have the benefit of Goldfishes knowledge, so thank you to him.

    Have a good day Pam and do on enice thing for yourself it doesnt matter how daft. 💕💐


  • Hi sweetiepye, glad you got some answers about your results. It's scary knowing what you have to face sometimes but much worse having to wait. Good point from Goldfish regarding no follow up till after Christmas so nothing urgent. I wouldn't have thought of that😀👍

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