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Memory loss. And patience

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Does anyone have as forgetful of a mind as I do ... I can't remember the natural things we need to remember don't remember to remember if that makes sense. All the way to me arguing my presence in places and then it all a sudden comes to me I was there... Or I do remember....I have a lot of issues that I can't find the right therapist..

Everyone I do confide in judges me tremendously from my past and current marijuana use. I lose hope. I go on meds for 5-9 months cuz im able to email the doc my needs for my meds. But therapy and anything as far as releasing my inner issues has never been an option. I have no patience let alone like telling someone the negative impacts my choices have made on me over and over again. Im losing hope... How do I get my memory back and how can I develop the necessary patience to search....make appts ..and follow thru with the help I need. I am so tired of being a jello brain

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hi welcome aboard former dope smoker myself quit years ago but yeah it will make you forgetful and if mixing medication with dope will just add to it.

Omega3 fish oil helps restore brain. See on internet connection with brain

There are a lot of brain food and herbs that help with brain youtube or internet see

I have a Chronic Short Term Memory Disorder, the beginning or the problem was me getting a Viral Meningitus in North Africa. Initially I was forgetfull and that seemed to get better over about six months then it came back about eight years later, I was retired at thirty eight as my Mental Health Problems were bad even before my holiday. Later I developed PsA and that caused me more problems, now at seventy my memory is really bad, it has nothing to do with Dementia. I have tests to look foeward to in May. The actual formal tests after a GP examination last for about five weeks.

You do not mention the posible cause of your memory problem, if it is all down to a Depression etc hopefully you will recover and move on. My mid to long term memory is fine and I am able to use the computer, my problem is I forget what I had been doing or writing and that can be a problem.

Get checked out, leave little notes of what you have been doing, enough to remember all saliet points. Remember loosing memories as we get older can be a very distressing problem and problems like this can bring out the very bad in people, they have no patience and would prefer to show you out. You may need to walk away. However try not to make matters worse by making the problem worse than it really is. Life is so very short enough

Remember Pot just makes matters worse, remember that


Great answer Bob.

I have an excellent memory so much stored that I am the go to friend that can remember pet teacher names all events and I use cannabis daily since 1991 so I do not find that it affects my memory. I do use high amounts orally for my ptsd and my only time with my memory affected was on prescription anti anxiety medicine so I chose the cannabis as a medicine for panic as it is quick and is short lasting effects don’t cause me any residual symptoms where others do. Most any I’ve tried.

I am sorry about the situation that it’s being judged as you caused it. I have severe ptsd and have trouble caring for myself when triggered so I get the “it must be the weed” that makes me not want to do for myself -but mine is a freeze anxiety response that makes me frozen upon triggered. I send care that you can get some resolution to this and a go to herbal tea is turmeric for memory loss.

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Hello ToriI have chronic P.T.S.D and yes some medication suppresses the flashbacks.

We cannot give into them.

However saying that when I was doing voluntary work and a CD was on sometimes a song upset me and I would push the button to the next track.

The GP can give you a memory test.

Or maybe you could show him/her what you have written down.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful but I got my uncle a Cork board and put phone numbers on it and information.

I will be getting a GP memory test after second injection, My Wife has to be with me and she will need to be there so all can be verifide; If I fail the test due to my memory they will refer me over to Social Services and Mental Health where further tests will be given at home, taken over five weeks. They will then decide what to do with me. I have had the tests before. they probed to be quiet difficult


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