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Panicking about mouth issue


I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks so im trying not to over react and panic but my doctor and myself have put down certain symptoms to my anxiety. These are loss of appetite, full after small portions, uncomfortable jaw/throat unable to relax, feeling of strain after talking for a period, clearing throat as it feels like somethings there (this was put down to indigestion). Ive had a look tonight and can see the left side of my inside cheek is red and not pinky like the right side, and further to the back by my lower wisdom tooth seems to be a sore of sorts not an ulser. Trying not to panic and am a bag of nerves having to wait until the morning to ring the dentist.

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everything will be ok, i promise. hugs

Thank you.

Hi Nat

I’ve kinda having the same problems as you in that my tongue is enlarged as are both cheeks.ive cuts down the side of my tongue where they have been rubbing on back teeth.

Also I go through periods of trying to clear my throat but it’s not stomach acid or food.

I’m on lisdexamfetamin which is an pretty sure it’s this meds.

I’ve been speaking to audiological medicine team who have suggested antihistamine as they help with allergies etc.

I’ve been on some antihistamine and I can tell you I hardly have to clear my throat which has also been inflamed.much better sleep stomach a lot better and all my chronic pain has almost gone.

Perhaps your allergic to one of your meds but they do also say that stress can be an influence to the mouth.

I also boil the kettle pour some water in to a cup with loads of salt and once the water isn’t to hot I spend about 5 mins swishing around in my mouth as well as lots of gargling

Wish you all the best


You are making an appointment to see your Dentist, due to Covid the dentist may need to discus your concerns over the phone, however if this is the case make up a list of your concerns to help you explain your problems.

Sometimes when suffering Anxiety, we can imagine problems, however it is best to be safe than sorry the Dentist can check and cross refer you to make an appointment with your Doctor if He feels that


There is a thing called burning tongue Which affects the tongue and the roof of the mount especially and can be bought on by anxiety. My tongue is so sore that I have teeth marks at the front of it.

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