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Anxiety about weight gain


I am 43 have issues surrounding having a BMI of 31.03 my anxiety is round the fact that I consider the f@ct that I permanently look like I have a non baby bump and look pregnant Gail

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I have this problem too, i try to watch what I eat and I have recently started to go to zumba 4 times a week but the muffin top wont budge. It can be down to stress, hormones, to many carbs, not enough exercise and irregular bowel movements. If I were you I would pick an activity that you like to do and up your water intake to get things flowing. Start walking for 30-45mins a day, listen to cut the fat podcast while you walk, they have a lot of tips and as you are listening you dont concentrate so much on the walking.

Bungiecat in reply to Ploramicas

Thanks for your message I need to wait till I see doctor in the morning and find out whether I need to cut dairy, carbs or some other reason for the belly fat I feel I may be premenopausal Gail

Bungiecat in reply to Bungiecat

Had my appointment doctor didn’t think my BMI was s problem he asked about my food issues when I mentioned this forum and the fact I had started using NHS food plan he was impressed and asked to see me in a month to look over results Gail

Hello Gail

You see your GP tomorrow, let us know how you get on after your appointment.

Make a list of the problems and fears you have, this will help you not to forget anything.

Have you been on site recently, I seem to remember your photo


Yes I recently came back the photo was only taken two weeks ago as my weight has become an issue again Gail


What medications do you take, if any ?

I have some real problems with my weight, all down to the medications I take for my Chronic Health problems


Buscopan, epilim chrono epilepsy these up to now are the only meds I take Gail

My BMI is 34.8 so I understand how you feel.

I don’t exercise, I smoke pot and eat too much. Is a downward spiral.

I feel slightly better as my IBS has settled down and I have been able to eat this morning Gail

Hi everyone just had my appointment with GP he said I wasn’t that big he spoke at length about my IBS the triggers and gave me coping strats to cope with the pain overall a great meeting where as soon as I mentioned this forum and my diet plan with WW and NHS eating plan he was happy Gsil

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