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Can anyone direct me to a mental health team I live in Scotland .I would like to try CBT I just can’t go on living with the anxiety it’s time to try something other than medication xxlol

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Well done to you for looking into CBT. Therapy is a very good tool to have in our kit bag. I am sure you will find it beneficial. I am in Australia so cannot help with a local referral. You doctor can point in the right direction . Good luck 🦘

Thank you for your lovely message I am in process of trying to get in touch with the people I got a link from on this site ,I have been trying for months to find CBT but could not get anywhere,my Doctor not to supportive of CBT or maybe I just don’t push myself enough .anyway things are looking up xx😅

Try a web search for directory of therapists.

Here’s a few

psychologytoday.com or

Bacp.com or


Good luck!



Tried to find something that was specific / relevant to you being in Scotland xx




If you live in Scotland your Doctor will be able to arrange a course for you and possibly other pathways that will be of use to you

Get yourself a telephone appointment, hopefully you will see your Doctor and move on accordingly. Make a list of your concerns, this will help you explain what your concerns are


I googled CBT and there’s loads of professionals out there. It’s all on zoom now due to Covid. Hope you get sorted with it. Let me know how you get on.

Hi I have see CBT councilors when I searched on google but their all private ,unfortunately at this time I am not in a position to go private ,I am hoping to source through NHS ,but thank you for taking an interest it’s nice to have so many sympathetic people and not get judged ,I shall let you know if I have any success with NHS x

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I'm in Newcastle so not sure if you would have access to talking therapies but you could try ringing and seeing if they have any contacts in scotlnd xx

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I shal follow that up tomorrow thank you x

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Try llttf.com easy to use might be helpful. Good luck ck x

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I have just looked at llttf.co but I could not find anything relating to CBT but asi have said I am not so good on the computer thank you for sending the link x

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You would need to register for an account it's free then there's different videos x

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Also on mind website there is different booklets free to download and self help leaflets here web.ntw.nhs.uk/selfhelp/

You would have to ask your GP and they would make a referral. Depending on where in Scotland you are, the waiting list could be months long, and you might have to be assessed by a psychiatrist first.

Sometimes you can access it through your workplace (or college/university if you're a student). If this was an option, it would be quicker. nhs.scot has some online self help CBT too (I think).

My days of Student and Uni we’ll gone I am 73 but I still want to try and get CBT as I have been on antidepressants for over 30 years and I still have bad times so maybe CBT would help me in another way .I shall see if I can find on line self help .not great on computer but I will have a go thank you for you welcome advice

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