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Hello, I am new here. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am a Christian and a college graduate. I love photography and making videos. I enjoy being outside.

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hi Spiderman welcome aboard sorry about your struggles but glad your reaching out here your passion for photography hopefully pulls you through some tough days all the best of your journey.

Spiderman99 in reply to kenster1

Thank you! God is with me everyday!

Hi Spiderman99 welcome. I have had struggles with depression before. I like to get out and walk. Since you are into photography and making videos get out into nature with a camera and see how God's beauty can change your perspective. Psalms 51:12 says "Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit." May God give you peace and restore you from anxiety and depression so that you may have hope in Him.

Thank you. It isn't my identity anymore. It is simple my struggle.

Hello and welcome to the site.

I used to do a lot of photography and video as well, although over the last twelve months I have not been out with my Camera, or Video.

You have good hobbies to keep yourself busy most of my work was taken on holiday or when I was out for the day, very keen on History and Geography.

Get outside if you can and take some photos. I have got a Telescope to look at the stars etc so I suppose I should be out looking at the stars etc. Do you faancy learning how to photograph the stars


Sure, that'd be cool. I love being outside.

Nice to meet you Spiderman99. 😊

I identify as a Christian also and I'm about your age. I also experience low mood and anxiety as part of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) and Fibromyalgia (chronic pain/fatigue) which I have (although I'm progressing in my recovery and this in turn will help the Fibro).

I also get low mood and anxiety from trying to cope in a world that isn't compatible with my the way my brain is wired as I'm Autistic. (I'm reevaluating my life and working toward trying to live my life in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable for me. I'm still a little lost but I have faith that God has a plan for all of us. And when I doubt myself because of struggling to fit in with society's way of living, I take comfort in the quote from the Bible "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world.")

I can also get low mood and anxiety for no apparent reason too and I just get this underlying sense of sadness, or guilt, or just feeling "keyed up" and on edge.

Anxiety and Depression can come about because of life stress, but I also see them both as illnesses like any physical issue, that need treatment, that warrant compassion, and that we should talk about more.

For example, person might catch a cold after a stressful situation which they may not have otherwise caught because they normally have a strong immune system, but a stressful event brought down their immunity. So the stressful event, in part, brought about their cold that they may not have otherwise got. But no one is going to deny that the cold is a physical issue.

I really hope that you can pursue what you love. For me it's writing and singing. What subject did you graduate in? Was it photography or something else? I've been trying to pursue my degree for a long time but haven't been able to pursue it yet unfortunately (it's a long, complicated story) but I majored Psychology and Minored in English Language and Linguistics.

Look forward to maybe bumping into you more around the site.

God bless 😊 xx

Hello wallflower_fairy, that's a pretty name. I graduated with Art Concentration Photography. I love what you said. I choose not to let anxiety and depression define me anymore. I am struggling with finding a full time job in my field. I will be happen when the Pandemic ends. What do you like to write or sing?

Thankyou Spiderman. That's very kind of you to say so and that's fab. 😊 I really hope you find a job in your field. I will be happy once it's over too.

I mostly like writing about my experiences, thoughts and feelings. I'm collating and reading through my old material at the mo and I'm hoping maybe to get some of it published. We'll see though. I'm making the most of the process of working through it - it's sort of therapeutic and I'm trying not to think too hard about the final product. The process itself is very important and I'm trying to live in the moment more.

I really enjoy singing stuff like Abba. I used to work as an activities coordinator in a care home so I learnt a lot of old songs (from the 70s and earlier) and really enjoy singing them. Although that was a while back and I haven't sang in a while so I'm hoping to maybe get back into it again when I can. Maybe join a choir or something once the pandemic is over.


That's great!! Good Luck! Thank you, me too. I am freelancing for a newspaper as a photographer.

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