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Desperate for my daughter


My daughter (21) has had a leg injury for 8 months. Can't be referred due to covid. She's in a desperate state, crying, screaming says she can't live with it. We don't know what to do, who to speak to. It's getting to me.

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Hi this sounds awful and I am sorry she is in such pain. I don't know country you are in, but in the UK she should be able to be referred now.

Yes, UK. I will contact GP surgery to see if things have changed. If not how can we help her cope?

Consider telephoning your Doctor, the Surgery should arrange a telephone appointment or arrange an Surgery Appointment to see how your daughters leg is healing. If you are unable to arrange a home appointment, Hospitals are beginning to open up more each day.

There is no reason in the UK you should not be able to take your daughter to A and E it will be still open and they will arrange any tests She needs to have. It is important she gets all treatments She needs


She had a telephone consultation a few weeks ago but they said they couldn't do anything due to Covid. I will contact them again to see if things are different. Need help in helping her to cope if not, or if her condition doesn't improve.

What has She done with Her Leg, it is not broken ??

Has she pulled a tendon or twisted it, has She had any XRays if required


Muscle or ligament. X-ray showed nothing. Months of physio. No further investigation possible due to Covid. 8 months and no improvement.

Hi just to say I had a telephone consultation from orthopaedics on Thursday and I’m going in to see them in 5 weeks time.the day I was meant to see them in April they shut the hospital so was high up on the list.

May I suggest that you could ask for ketaprofine from the doctors.its in gel form.i used it while I was waiting for a new hip.better than taking codamol etc

Best wishes

Try Warm compresses around the leg, that may help, it is hard when not knowing what the problem is

Tank you for the suggestion, I have an appointment next week for an injection, I will ask thank you. Keep me informed how She gets on


Thank you to everyone for your replies. It's helpful to share and have sympathetic responses and encouragement.


I’m so sorry that your daughter is having to go through this. I agree that your daughter needs another consultation with the GP - they need to give her some decent pain relief, but also arrange for her to have an MRI scan, so the clinics know exactly what they’re dealing with. The months of physio could have been a waste of time if they are not working on what the exact problem is.

Best of luck and I hope that your daughter gets some relief soon x

Decided to go private. Consultant is away for 4 weeks because it's August! I'll try to provide an update when there's some news in the hope this will help someone else.

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