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Mixed feelings


The thought of bond between a close friend weakening saddens me ... i feel so selfish because those around me have to live their lives but i cherish those im closest too

I often wonder if I’ve unnoticeably mixed my intimate feelings that need be directed towards a lover with my friends instead, i have intense jealousy issues with one friend in particular and I’ve addressed my feelings but now i wonder if my lack of intimacy with anyone else is leading me to believe i have deeper feelings for my friend but in reality im just confused and longing for a companion , i should at least date but i really don’t feel mentally healed enough to deal with anyone off a platonic level

I’ve never been one to focus on the idea of romance because I’ve been wanting to stay focused on my career ,

I’ve spent so much time with my friends I’ve grown clingy and i hate it! i cannot fall in love with my friends , nor do I don’t want to

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Hello thank you for sharing. I would if your looking for advice some help in your dilemma.

Maybe write a letter to each one you know and explain.

I had similar a long time ago writing a letter easy simple can speak but writing it down is useful.

Give them and if they can not accept or agree to terms then move on.

Jealousy insecurity and dangerous mix in any friendship.

Had this recently used lies and make believe fantasy to pain mental health issues with my self.

I have to put this out here the best friend is you not others.

Yes fine to have friends not good to be thinking of them as some one to date unless they feel same about you.

Had this with above just mentioned. Reason made stories about me, I am lot older more a father figure yet used and abused interfered in my life .

Has own relationship but decided to ruin others lives do you wish for that any one would make a sensible choice.

Close friends fine but have to be ground rules.

I know had a lot of that supportive being charitable and kind yet if they are not used .

Fair weather friends often a pain, have this last years .

Something to think about why be clinging need to love yourself improve your wellbeing know we talked chatted.

I am a gent of a certain age am a Christian and those who used to rely on my good self given the chance.

Am the local supermarket, stores, bank, nurse, doctor, cook, cleaner to some friends who have mental illness.

Never said thanks never said love you so

On a need to know basis not good.

Learn for instance you need radiators not drains, do something else to bring you in those who love like you.

Volunteering is one. Use this to help yourself volunteer in mental health charities helps clear perspective makes you realise you not alone.

During my recent times with services got help while volunteering an advantage.

Met others like me and the past and those who I thought had friends now gone, actually one rang up.

Got call screening so avoiding that .

Still be the same as he probably is yet have got many advantages opportunities to move on create some thing of my self.

Please take care.

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