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Not ready to be alone right now.


Really don’t want to be all alone tomorrow and for a few days/nights after that whilst feeling so crappy. 😭

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Hello pleased to meet you sorry to hear this.

Please if I can say no one likes to be on their own every day for me see no one.

I know sometimes get depression and anxiety so make some plans and coping methods to deal with loneliness.

Please can I suggest if you feel down or depressed a difficult day or problems then look at ways to be positive thinking of ways.

One is to create a comfort box. Use this to give yourself some uplift some self esteem and some confidence.

I use the following in my box. Favourite CD's Poems , Recipes.

You then can use these to heal inspire.

I have also have favourite words from my bible other things can add favourite films photos.

Use music feel good and other meditations help me.

Also good food and a simple one relaxing therapy in form of a muscle soaks baths.

There are always answers to get help and support if you think you would benefit in floating support.

From mental health charities please get in touch can advise if you so wish, this has helped me.

One other create a folder of achievements abilities talents you have the things you have done.

These then are the way to move forward.

Use these plus social ones practical ones. Skills you have could like cooking or create art .

New avenues and paths to consider. Volunteering one as well might does not have to be hard.

Look on line for new opportunities.

Work employment relationships friendships if they not working out you need to be near radiators not drains.

Something to think about.

If it is about money social or whatever makes you then consider looking at what you need not others.

Nothing wrong in being aware of your own needs and if the cup over flows use the skills and abilities to look at helping guiding others.

Have series of helplines and organisations or even the websites community ones to talk to some one.

New one for me in this country ..

Elefriends .

Run by MIND .

You can offload talk to others like you including any additional help.

Please if I can help with anything please get in touch need to chat happy to listen.

Please take care

Strange to say I never really feel lonely, why should I. I have my own interests and my family not forgetting our Dog Pax. (PEACE).

This lock down has been a wonderful time to think and attend to jobs and activities I enjoy.

If you are feeling suicidal it is important you make an appointment with your GP and explain the reasons for your feelings of Self destruction. Make a list of your problems, most probably you will have an appointment on the telephone where your Doctor will discuss your needs and expectations. Your list will help you explain how you feel and that will help accordingly.

If you are so down the road contact NHS Information on Tel 111 and explain your problems they will consider a way forward and act accordingly


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