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I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and anxiety in college. I started taking meds again a couple of years ago and discovered by accident by watching Youtube and delving farther that I have bipolar. My PA allowed me to try a mood stabilizer and it has been helping and lessoning my racing thoughts and high distractability. Been getting a better handle on depression. This is all still new. Trying to learn more. I’ve struggled with disorganization and cleanliness my whole life. Perhaps this explains things. Lots of ups and downs. Will start off great and gung ho then kind of fall apart or burn out. Any sharing and info would be great. You know the stuff they don’t tell you. The nitty gritty daily stuff.

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Does this help you to move you forward and have you seemed doctors help

Wow, that’s so brave of you.

This one is kinda tough but Routine/Schedule helps. You chop up your day into segments and work on only the thing designated for that segment no matter what.

So you kind of build the stuff you struggle with into your Routine.

Building one and sticking to it can be a challenge but once you have one in place, it really helps.

Anyone have any other tips?

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