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What can one take from the pharmacy to cope with depression at least?

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Hello nicho496

Thank you for your message. Welcome to this group. I am sorry that you are having depression.

Could you tell us more about your situation and what is happening with your depression.

This is a supportive group so our members may be able to help.

Have you seen a doctor and are you taking any other medications?

You can go into a pharmacy and the pharmacist will see you privately and advise what is safe to take. There may well be some medications you can get over the counter.

There may be other therapies that can help. Like mindfulness. You can find more information in the topics and pinned posts.

MIND at might be useful to look at.

We look forward to hearing from you

Take care

Consider discussing your problem with your GP. You could discuss mental health treatment with some herbals, some health shops may have recommendations like Barker and Stonehouse although personally you need that first recommendation . Also some herbals can have further side affects that are unwanted if you take AD drugs and herbals together. You need medical advice

Try Relaxation Technique Mindfulness, that can help, also Breathing Techniques they can help calm any stress you may have.

Your Doctor will discuss your Depression and recommend a treatment pathway for you, various techniques are learned to help yourself move on. To come to terms to those events that has caused your low mood will generally help you recover


It's like most things to do with the mind it could be a lot of therapies, medications, techniques, you need to go through before you find out which one for you works. Your best bet i am afraid, is you need to speak to your GP so you can try and narrow down what course of action might, or, might not work, so you can at least get some guidance onto which to start with. Besides if any sort of therapies might be wisest , all need to be requested by a GP, which takes ages, so best to get them acting as soon as possible! Vitamin deficiency ,hormones, phycological, experiences,environments ,wrong "core" thought structures, addictions, etc, etc, the list is almost endless, getting someone else like a GP even, sometimes means something is spotted which you yourself hadn't even considered!


Ya'll telling me about a GP, ain't got one at the moment; thanks for your response though.

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