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Panic attacks, Anxiety & pregnancy


I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant and I cut down my propranolol myself thinking it was unsafe for my baby, since I have cut it down I have had nothing but adrenaline rushes like nothing is real and feeling very anxious of being far away from home, I think it’s because of me cutting out the propranolol or maybe hormones?

When my head starts spacing out like it does the feeling is like I’m in my own bubble nothings real and my hands grip my head so tight like I just want to be safe it’s almost like I want to black out it’s scary and I don’t like it.

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I’m currently taking propranolol and was told if I was to get pregnant the doctor would take me off them, is there not an alternative you could ask for?

Hi Casper007 and thank you for your post. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Propranolol should not be used in pregnancy unless it is considered essential by your doctor. If you stop taking propranolol too quickly, you could develop withdrawal symptoms, so please ask for medical advice from your doctor as soon as you can and then you will begin to feel better. Also, it may help you to have a look at PANDAS FOUNDATION.UK

PANDAS gives support to people who are experiencing pre and post natal anxiety and depression as well as their families and friends. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you and best wishes.

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