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Tablet update

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Sat here still in PJs eating toast ready to take next tablet. Have cleaned upstairs today, good. Yesterday felt at work but not at work? Been really tired last 2 days. Just stopped to eat as getting shaky. Head well one of the buzzing noises has gone but not the other one. Slept well last night didn't wake till 6. Head feels like had paracetamol eyes feel tight! Been to loo a bit more due to tablet and ibs. Still have that numb feeling at the moment. The difference is I will now shift off the sofa and mop! I am going to drive myself to look at some Christmas trees so that's my goal for today. May record a goal of the day on here. One small step see how it goes.

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You seem to be managing better, especially if you are able to get on with housework. I can understand how man feel regarding above. I now am unable to do housework as my arms hips etc are affected by my disability so my Wife needs to do most of it Herself. All very upsetting when you wish to give assistance,

Consider little, although often can be the best way forward. Looking for a Christmas Tree is a nice break. When I was young I went out with a girl who worked in Her Father Shop they would sell Christmas Trees and She would be expected to stand holding a tree up and twizzling it around while customers decided on the best on, She used to hate doing it, She felt silly. So if you want a bit of fun and if possible ask the assistant to show you the trees and ask for it to be twizzled around. It may be amusing


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