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I can’t afford therapy


It’s all really expensive, I’ve tried NHS’s steps to wellbeing but they only offer me CBT and it doesn’t work for me.

Any suggestions?

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Start listening to Dr Wayne Dyer on you tube, might help you

Can you get under the care of your local mental health team?


Have you tried to get treatment in the country you are from. I understand your country of origin does have agreements with the UK. Do you pay then get refunded when home or what is the situation

It also seems you are in an industry where the competition must be quite hard, also the fact you do not enjoy your life in the UK, regards housing or personal problems.

If getting a job you can do as you do your chosen work choice that may help.

It concerns me that you seem to be unable to arrange CBT and you need to start that pathway before they can move you along onto a treatment plan, that is suitable to you.

You mention being back home, could you get preferred treatment there.

It is very hard to know what to suggest, especially EEC Nationals. Someone here may have some suggestions. I remember having a car accident in Spain and they would not treat us until they knew if we could pay or was insured, we were the latter thank goodness


Hi Ella,

I can hear your frustration about not being able to afford psychological therapy outside of the NHS. I think it is a bit of a postcode lottery in UK, as some local NHS Mental Health Services do offer more than just CBT e.g Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) or a combination of approaches. Some offer one-to-one sessions, not just groups, and the intial course of sessions can be extended if it's deeemed necessary. But the NHS is cash-strapped and is trying to meet the MH needs of the population. Interestingly in the recent budget, more money will be made available to support MH services.

There are other low-cost options to consider for example Charity and Third Sector therapists see Mind UK charity link here:

How to find a therapist: mind.org.uk/information-sup...

There is a huge range of different types of talking therapies available outside of the NHS and it is important to research and consider which would be most helpful to you, such Person-centred, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, etc.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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Hello I was interested in your reply I too am struggling to be able to find the therapy for my severe ocd I am so low and feel there is no help, I have been with MHT but the cbt isn't working can you explain the other types you mentioned here and would it be helpful for my anxiety and ocd. I realise this might mean searching outside the NHS but what is ther for us when we need help and support.

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Hi bubble02,

Check out the Mind UK link above as they have a lot of useful information about different therapies and where you may be able to access them. Also, they are a great resource to find out about different MH conditions, treatments, how to cope etc.

Hope this helps,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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what is your knowledge on Hypnoisis CBT I have been considering this.

Also having been off work with Anxiety OCD and Depression I have been given final written warning which is forcing me back to work is this law I know it is their policy, but can they do this.

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