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Bi Polar - Dating


Hi All!

So a question regards bipolar and dating, so I’ve started dating someone who is very lovely and suitable and understands everything!

However dating is “break my routine” which can make me feel a little bit funny and strange - I know this is quite common for people with bipolar so wanted to know if this was my illness saying now isn’t the right time or whether I should break it and adapt?



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There's never going to be a 'right' time if you like this guy then just go for it. If you find it too hard you can always break it off later. X

I would ask the question "Do I want to be alone?" Bi polar should not stop you doing anything. I have suffered for years, I bought up 3 sons, demanding husband, had a demanding job, no one was aware I was bi polar, I do get cross when people think we are all crazy. It's easy to keep stable if you have the right medication. Go out and enjoy yourself, forget about your bi polar, act normal, you can do it. I have been doing it for over 25 years now, so I know you can xx


Just because you are BI-POLAR does not mean you should not meet others and make friendships. You are bound to feel a little bit overwhelmed or uncertain on what is expected of you. Your emotions and feelings will eventually settle and if He knows all seems fine. Medications are available to make your problem stable. Many sufferers in life are married with children and get through life just fine.

Enjoy your life


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