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Gp/therapy experiences.... Please share

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Does anyone have any advice or experience seeing their gp about depression? I keep hoping I will start to feel better without help but I am feeling worse every day. I don't know how much longer I can put up with this but I'm very anxious about talking to anyone about my feelings. I'm getting desperate for something to change


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What kind of change do you want to see?

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I want to stop hateing myself. I want to be able to sleep more than 3 hours a night. I want to be able to smile and for it to not be fake. I want to wake up in the morning and not be disappointed. I want to be able to enjoy something, anything again. I want to stop feeling like I could break down, cry and fall apart at any time. I want to stop bottling everything up and be able to talk to someone.

Sorry, probably a bit too much information.. I'm really not feeling good tonight.....

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No this is good. Let it all out!! What is keeping you from being able to have all this?

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I'm not sure, I can't seem to make myself snap out of these feelings. I guess I also have issues with asking for help and anxiety about talking about my feelings and problems. I guess I don't feel that I'm worth the effort.

Thank you very much for your time

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Yeah definitely!! You are worth it. You matter. I’m sorry you’re feeling so low. I am here for you whenever you just need someone to talk to.😁

Hi this sounds like depression to me but you need to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. Ok I know it's not easy but there are a couple of things you can do to help. If you want why not write down how you feel and give it to the doctor. You won't be the first person who does this! Or ask at your surgery for a sympathetic doctor and take the receptionists advice. I did this and while it was still hard found my doctor lovely and she really helped me. x

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Yes, I agree, write it down if you need to. It's so hard to say uncomfortable things out loud. And I think you should remember the doctors have heard, or read, it all before and not to be embarrassed about your symptoms. I made the mistake of not wanting to burden the GPs I saw over the years with my truest feelings, often saying I was generally fine but preferred to continue with the medication when in fact I should say even with the medication I am finding life incredibly difficult and my mental health is getting more and more problematic. I will be following my own advice and opening up today at the surgery. Feeling sick with nerves but optimistic.

Hi, as said by others make a G.P appointment and write all your symptoms down and give to Doctor. Don’t worry if the tears start as most Doctors are sympathetic. He will probably give you a low dose of anti depressant which may take weeks to get into your system. He will tell you about self referral for councilling which is very good. CBT if you google it is very popular.

It’s a horrible feeling being depressed or anxious but there is help around.

I told friends and family from the start as too hard to put a brave face on. I find being with friends and chatting helps a lot. You are not the only one suffering and so many sympathetic people on this forum. Good luck xx

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