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Hello, My name is Kimberly. I suffer from Several mental disorders that i have fought all of my life. I'm trying to bring more awareness to not only my community, but around the world that Mental Disorders wear many masks and help people better understand. I'm hoping to make a difference and show the world how mental disorders effect people, and what we could together to help defeat/control it

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Kimberly, To bring awareness to mental illness is such a noble cause. We live in an age where everything is so super tech, it seems everyone should know more about mental illness. But it isn't true. There is still a stigma attached to any diagnosis of mental illness.

Best of luck, Sweets.

Thank you ~


Love this post. It made me smile. Stay strong, Kimberly. <3

KimberlyDanielle in reply to Hidden

Thank you, Its makes me happy to find a new way to express and help others express what they go through. I want to be there for those who need it! ~ stay beautiful. !

This is very admirable and generous in spirit, giving more exposure to issues of mental health. It's like the saying goes: sunlight is the best disinfectant. Keep shining.

Good for you for doing something positive. I have a friend who roller bladed from one end of Canada to the other to bring attention to mental health. All the best, be well, and carry on the fight, we all thank you for it.

all of us experience the darkness in our minds and life but somehow we reach out and find the light.

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