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After battling mental health for many years now I have finally spoke out and told my partner that I hear voices after she left me,

I know it’s not the best thing to do keeping things from your loved ones but you have to understand I was scared that she would leave me and now look at what’s happened she left me any ways. We have spoken and she says she will come back once I am better as much as I believe her the voices are telling me she’s gone for good and laughing at me telling me I should end my life I am taking diazepam only short term and that helps but once it out my system their return and I can’t focus I have spoken to my partner she says the voices are daft and I shouldn’t listen to them but it’s hard I should have been truthful from the start as I believe that something took over my body when I was four years old and I don’t believe my kids are mine I am so scared that I have lost her and kids

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