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First and foremost I have depression and now I find myself at a loss, I find the day’s really long and I drink to shorten them. This inturn makes me more depressed and it also causes me to comfort eat and this increases my weight, which makes me more depressed and this inevitably turns me back to alcohol. Can anybody give me some advice on how to break the cycle?

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Have your tried a Ale and a large Scottish Malt. Sorry !!

If you are drinking and it is becoming a problem, you need to approach your GP and ask for help there are several organisations that look after problem drinkers and move you on. If drink is making you Depressed, or you are depressed and you drink to forget you need to sort this and move on. Drink can be a real problem when we are depressed.

I never rely on drink if I am depressed.

If you get your drinking in control that will assist in weight loss, this in turn will help you move on with the help of some CBT

Talk to your GP and learn how to control your mood


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