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Neighbours triggering me tonight


Been a while since I posted. Quick update to begin, I’m 32 weeks pregnant expecting a little girl June 12th. I was diagnosed prior with depression anxiety ocd and ptsd due to past trauma.

I have started 1:1 psychology sessions since trauma group was stopped early. Only me and an angry guy turned up so fortunately that’s stopped now because I had to leave a bit earlier last time and admitted found it hard with his manner. Plus other examples.

I was laying here enjoying the cool air after a lovely sunny day when a party has started in the neighbour’s garden. In the past I’d enjoy hearing the enjoyment they were having and not be bothered at all but for some reason, and reason reaching out for someone here, is that it’s really triggering me and making me anxious. Not sure if it’s because I’m worried people get drunk and uncontrollable but again, doesn’t affect me! I live in a nice neighbourhood so it be fine??

Hope you’re all well

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No your comment was fine and helpful :) I put BGT really loud on my tv and focused on that and it helped! My anxiety and feelings of being unsafe is very high tonight and it was triggered by the party .. it’s stopped now but I feel really on edge! Perhaps I’m just tired and need some sleep hehe! Thank you for your comment and advice :) have a good evening

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Hi I live in a flat and next door last summer was a young couple with 3 little girls. Now I didn't mind the children so much running up and down the garden playing and screeching with delight (not quite as loud though), but did object to the man with his mate sitting there smoking dope, drinking, and on occasion shouting as loud as the kids. They would be out from around 3.30 until 8 ish nearly every night and all day weekends. The parents never seemed to take the kids our or to the park across the road. It would drive me potty.

I find as an older person now I am increasingly finding loud noises disturbing. I have found out that as you age your hearing doesn't necessarily become better or worse but it certainly becomes more acute. I hope I don't turn into a grumpy old woman! x


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