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I think I m most unhappy person of this world


Hii,I m back again to share my feeling with you guys.yesterday was my birthday.this birthday is my first birthday with my husband after my marriage.But this birthday is worse birthday of my life.i expect lots of things done for my birthday from my husband,but he done nothing for me even he don't give me Single Chocolate.yesterday I cried whole day.i m done nothing yesterday.when I tell them that you done nothing for me he said I have no time for preparation of your birthday.he also cry and said I don't know about birthday celebration I never had any relationship with girls,I came from village,there no body celebrate birthdays.is any wrong that I m from City and he is from village.he now live in city work in MNC.is this true that he don't knows that how to pamper a girl.i m feel very low.i don't know how to take long my marriage.somtime I feel run away from this house,this relationship,from anybody.i don't want to talk to anyone,don't see anyone.

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HI you are expecting a lot from your man to understand how you feel. It doesn't mean he does not love you - all it means is he didn't know or think about your needs.

Give him a big hug, tell him you love him, and remind him in future of birthdays and drop hints over what you would like. This is what many of us have to do. Never expect him or any loved ones to be able to read your mind! x

Hi Puju1831995 and welcome to this caring forum. hypercat53 has posted a very helpful reply. It may help you to talk to your husband about birthdays and explain that they mean a lot to you and they are a time for celebration. He became upset that you were sad, which shows he does care. As hypercat53 mentioned, remind him of future birthdays and talk to him about how you are feeling. Do stay on the forum for help and support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.

You need to tell him what is important to you and ask him what he finds important. Ask and listen and be kind to each other.. Pam

I just wanted to say a big happy birthday x x x Now he knows, you will have other birthdays to look forward to which I'm sure will now be more special. Look for the little things you have between you, even just a smile especially for you, and how much he does care when he got upset himself. Take care & know people are here if you need them x

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