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I feel like I have derealization? I have anxiety and I'm scared I might have a few other disorders but I'm too scared to go to the doctor. I have these bad moments when I become detached to my body and see things from third person veiw and everyone and everything becomes alienated to me. It's almost like I other think my existence and it physically and mentally hurts. I don't know what to do or how to stop it but I got it really man last night

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Why are you afraid to see a doctor?


Hi Flowjestic, Welcome to this community today. Why are you afraid to go to the doctor? Could you take a trusted friend with you to support you? It does sound like it's time you had an informal chat with your doctor, and to get some help. Whilst you are anxious about the possibility of having MH disorders, anxiety by the very nature of the beast tends to blow things out of proportion in our minds, and often what we fear the most, isn't as bad as we may think. Be brave, face down your fears, and go and have that chat.:-)

What do you guys and gals here think?

Take care,

Best wishes.



How are things? I can relate to how you are feeling. I just wanted to make contact, make sure your okay?

Take a practical approach to contacting the dr, try not to diagnose yourself. Please don’t be scared of what he might say, or receiving a potential diagnosis, that you may fear getting. Because if you need to get passed this then just go for it, maybe a family member could come and wait in the waiting room for you?

Depersonalisation, or feelings of detachment are common and often are linked to other mental health problems, like anxiety, for example. So try not to fear what your brains doing to you, just trust me that this won’t continue for the rest of your life. You can fix it! Brains are a pain in the ass!

I think for know, at least this is what I practice, acknowledge what your feeling, just don’t put to much energy into that feeling!

I try to practice things that force me to be really present, excerisize and sport helps me, fast paced stuff so I can’t focus on my own feelings to much.

Recognising problems is a great first step! Looking for support is another great step!! So I know you can take the nesscessary next step and try (really hard) to get an appointment.

If you need to talk more, please send a message. There are lots of ways to make a dr’s Appointment easy and smooth, if you are anxious.

All the best, 🙂


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