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Progress...I think

I am doing a little bit better than I was last week. Just this last weekend I went to stay at my boyfriends house and that made me feel so much better. Scary thing is that I basically had to meet his mom. She was very nice and considerate. Some of the things me and my boyfriend, his name is Tim, did were cuddles, watch anime, made dinner together, walked around town, went to the mall together, got things from WinCo for dinner, and so much more i'd rather not go into detail with lol. But that eased my anxiety for a little bit and whenever I am there it makes me feel so much more safer and accepted. One thing I really do have to look out for is his "Psycho" roommate Ty. whenever hes on his medication I just lock myself in Tim's room until he calms down. Besides that I really love spending each weekend there.

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Hi ally19, well done, that's really good and positive. You're taking baby steps and gradually growing in confidence, overcoming your fears. Taking steps to protect yourself from your boyfriend's roommate is very wise, sounds like he really needs expert help! Keep on doing what you are doing, as it is working for you.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes


He doesn't exactly need expert help, hes just crazy sometimes. Like he swore to never hurt me and to always protect me when my boyfriend is at work.


That's great news ally19. Sound on the whole like a positive weekend. :)


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