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Anxiety weight loss

I wonder if anyone has any idea about anxiety.

27 and iv never really concidered mysel to have anxiety but a few comments from people at work has made me think otherwise.

Iv always moved quick, i cant just walk somwhere i have to speed walk, whem im doing jobs at work i move quick and get jobs done very fast. I flit from one place to the other. I also in the process of healthy weight gain just for my own self and want to feel better and healthy. I gym and am active, so i lead a healthy lifestyle. Lately i have been very quick to think and act and move around, but again i thought i had always been this way, but comments form good friends think in the past few months they have seen a change, not in a bad way as such i just seem more erratic than normal.

I also suffer from acute silent migraines other wise know as vertigo attacks, so i take prochloperzaine, and they really mellow me out, but do slow me down and this is sometimes a good thing. I also loose weight quick, and wonder is this is connected to anxiety or not?


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