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Hello I'm after some advice, I feel low and don't want to leave my room as I don't feel safe. I've tried to ring the local crisis team and they have suggested me to go for a walk. I'm going try my hardest to keep myself away from blades/overdose because I'll end up doing something. Everyday seems to be just the same like stay in, sleep and walk my dogs then go and isolate myself from people. I wish I had the confidence to go down and engage but its hard. Just want to speak out but nobody is listening

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  • Roaryl - is it possible to get a bit of background from you? Age, occupation, living with? Etc

    Not being nosey just curious as to how long this has being going on for you?

  • My name is Limara Colley

    I'm from the UK and I am 21 years old and UN employed and live with boyfriend

  • Have you tried speaking to your gp? Are you feeling suicidal?

  • Yes most of the time and I'm due to speak on phone to him soon. Don't no what they can suggest and its for a review on my medication.

  • Hi Roaryl, and welcome to the forum. We are here and we are listening to you. How are you feeling now? Please remember that you are not alone. If you are feeling distressed, please call your Crisis Team again, or call the Samaritans Freephone 24 hour helpline [116 123 ] 7 days a week. Please stay on the forum for support. Are any other members able to help Roaryl, please? Take care, and best wishes for 2018.

  • if you don't mind i would like to inquire about a few things.

    firstly do you happen to find yourself doing the same things everyday. e.a playing video games.

    and do you get lonely or find yourself avoiding contact with the ones you live with.

    i've had a few bouts of social withdrawal myself lasting years at a time and usually found myself with the same justifications. mostly its more comfortable in my home and having no reason to leave but i was never afraid to leave. it turned out to be very unhealthy for me.

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