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Get in the mood for Xmas

Morning to all

My wife suffers from bipolar and at the moment trying to get her to look forward Xmas

And it isn’t easy to what happened this year one thing she is looking forward too is her daughter coming over on Xmas day with the help with her care nurse we a recalibrate her meds so we trying to stop having too many calansapine even thou she is allowed 3 a day this weekend we are putting up Xmas decorations together to get in the mood for this festive time

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Hi snicolle54,

What a lovely attitude and approach to helping your wife get in the Christmas spirit! This can be a very challenging time for many folks, but it is also time for family and friends to come together to celebrate and share their love and special moments. You may find some useful info and tips from these UK links:





What do you folks here think? Do you have any suggestions to help folks get through this festive period?

Take care,

Best wishes.


Get drunk? This usually helps me get through it.

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Enjoy your Christmas day! I hope she has a good day and your whole family enjoys the experience. If you are having problems with meds and | or side effects to the extent that you want to drop them down for a special occasion you probably should talk to the patient GP or practitioner about that!


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