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I have been suffering from mental health problems for 30 years

Find it difficult to keep my head above water. I have very low esteem. Never been in a relationship with a woman .in its am constantly thinking about ending my life. I have always wanted to live a life. I have a permanent job that I have been in for 30 years I need help in all parts of my life. Or please advice. I'am a generous very polite and down to earth person. . Can anyone please give me some advice

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Have you ever spoken to your Doctor about how you feel or are you getting any support of any kind

If you are then I would suggest you let them know it is not working and if you have never spoken to your Doctor then now is the time you should :-)

30 years is a long time to have been suffering but by taking this first step to join a Community and share how you are feeling shows that deep down you want to change and well done taking this step :-)

Members as they come on will give you better advise but just wanted to let you know you are not alone :-)

Take Care x


Hi Ossie...tell me about your low self esteem and why you want to end your life since you want to live it?.


Tried everything to try and help myself but as i'am getting older really feel as if I have had enough .I live on my own . So that doesn't help. Feel really alone


I understand, I have lived like this for the magority of my life too. In the past two years I have been on 60mg of Cymbalta everyday and oh what a difference. I suggest you talk to your doctor about it. 😀


Ah bless you Ossie, you sound and look like such a nice and sensitive guy. I personally find the work situation very difficult so you must have a lot of positive qualities to be able to sustain work in that way over a 30 year period. Being generous, polite and down to earth are all excellent qualities and qualities that would be appreciated by any nice woman. Maybe you need to branch out a bit and ask a lady for a coffee one of the days just as a friend?

Are there any support groups or social groups you go to where you could maybe experiment with asking a lady for a coffee outside of the group one of the days? It doesn't have to be a romance. Just a nice pleasant friendship/companionship appreciated by both parties. Also by the way,

Keep going, you are doing well,

Gemma XX


Thanks for that Gemma I an quite shy so it will take a lot of courage from me. Thanks for your reply


Nothing ventured, nothing gained :) Take courage and give it a go but be prepared to try again if it doesn't work out first time or second time; you just need to persevere and gradually you will get confident.


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