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Why is it every year for the last few years have I started to see and feel those feelings,. This time every year I'm feeling extremely low, the front of my head feels full of pressure, watching the slightest emotional thing on TV can start me off, I'm massively emotional, I'm massively low and I being like this feels like a punishment for something I must have done earlier in my life, I feel like I'm outside of my body looking at my life, everytime I smile somthing takes a swipe at me and I can't smile, I've just got weighed and went from 14st 11 down to 9st 6. If i did something wrong in my past life please tell me because I don't know why im being punished.

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Hi well I don't believe in the sins of the fathers etc. or being punished because you were 'bad' in a previous life. I suppose you are on meds and/or having counselling? Maybe you are suffering from SAD? x


Had severe depression for years, anxiety and also depersonalisation, but also got a well paid job, feel like my head is in 2 halves, 1 side happy ish enjoying work, 2nd side wants to take me down at what ever cost what ever it takes doesn't want me being happy.


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