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Voices *Possible Trigger

On YouTube I decided to watch videos on schizophrenia and found a interactive video on what a person with schizophrenia can experience. It seemed so so real to the negative voices in my mind. Sometimes I would label these as from God, but they're not. The annoying, condemning, paranoid, and unreasonable voices in my mind( which I believe are also demonic ) I'm not sure if this is the same as schizophrenia because I know these voices aren't "real as a person" I thought it was a mixture of my own default thinking expressed through words( and even having demonic influence, not everyone will believe like I do and its ok in open to your experience/ opinion if you have advice/ knowledge regarding this) These reasonings could even be myself creating them for some mechanism my brain needs in some distorted way. However it's a combination of words and beliefs from my family( words of abuse and situations of distrust, fear, and manipulation influencing my views by my own thinking patterns) , my own beliefs for believing God were speaking to me in those voices. Now that video really empowers me to see what's fake and what's true . I have control over these negative thoughts that can spring up. However, I don't believe in labeling everything a "demonic cause" because it can dismiss the work I need to do to take care of my mind, emotions, thoughts etc. ( For example asking why I would do/ think this and getting to the root cauzse) sometimes I will pray and ask Jesus for help and everything will leave me, sometimes I need to go deeper and ask if I need comfort or I'm feeling shame and that's why I am thinking how I am and I believe this can also open the door to demonic influence.

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I don't know much about Schizophrenia so I can't unfortunately relate.

I think I've seen this video it's trending on YouTube in a first person view?

If you do think you have Schizophrenia perhaps you should address this with your GPS who can make the appropriate referral.

Sorry for not having any insight, I just wanted to acknowledge your post and hope you get the support you need.



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