I've reconnected with some old friends. I went for dinner with my daughter and we had a lovely time catching up and laughing. I walked home in the rain and felt happy and content.

I'd never believed I could feel like this again. I had accepted my depression as chronic and life long. But even if it's just a brief respite, I'm really glad.

We all suffer at times, but there is still happiness out there at times.

So please don't give up on yourself. Don't believe that mental illness is all that you are. It may feel like that but inside there is still a tiny bit of you just waiting to come out when the illness isn't so bad.

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  • That is very positive and I am so pleased you had a 'normal' night out. I think sometimes if we stop fighting it so much and accept it we have more energy to live our lives and bright spots like yours appear. xx

  • That's really cheered me up reading that, thank you !

  • Hi DMM218

    I know 'TODAY' is now yesterday but I am so pleased for you and your daughter. It is always good to reconnect with friends and I loved the bit about walking home in the rain and feeling happy and content. My smile just got wider and wider as I read your post.

    So glad you are in a much better 'place,' ENJOY! you deserve to be happy!!!

    Love and laughter, Lottie x

  • Hi DMM thank I a m really glad that you are in good form and had a good night out. Connecting socially always helps the mood. ( provided that its with friends etc) It's important to remember that it's not all bleak all the time. I find I have to just enjoy the little things in life , this helps me too,

    I too get flashes of my real self rather than the Depressed person.

    This Post is great as it gives hope to those In a dark spot.


  • I'm glad you're feeling happy.

  • And I'm glad you've done all these things, it'll help a lot

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