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Wanna scream

Half hour ago I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk, ten minutes ago I was hit with this wave of irritation, I felt so angry it drained the energy from me and made me so tired. I felt like all I wanted to do was cancel all my plans, shut the curtains and lay down. Now it's lifted a bit, feels like it's just drifting out of me and all of a sudden my plans feel like an okay thing to do again. My brain is bloody exhausting.

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Have you had any sort of diagnosis?? I've just been referred by my doctor to be assessed


Thanks. It's nice knowing someone relates. I'm surrounded by people who think I'm mental.


Do you find resting helps the exhaustion in your brain pass?


Sometimes. I always remember my mum sleeping when she felt like that. It always helped her. But with me sometimes I carry it in my sleep, or simply can't , then I when I do it's a light sleep so my mind doesn't shut off properly so it's still racing when I wake


Searching welcome

Try Mindfulness a Relaxation Technique, that may calm your thoughts and relax your mood

You will find an explanation on here or the web.

Good Luck with your assessment



Thank you


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