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Anxiety/ Depression

I have been on betablockers for almost 5 years now for anxiety, never once have I thought about claiming DLA til now, I suffer because of abuse in my past and try to cope regardless, but it is a horrible thing for anyone to have, unless you so called do -gooders are in or have been in any of our shoes keep it zipped. I don't claim DLA but people that suffer from depression/ anxiety need all the help they can get.

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Hi. You can't claim dla now it's changed to pip- personal independent payment. Have a go all they can say is you are either entitled to pip or you are not entitled. Sam


Thank you Sam, but I do realise how tough it is getting these payments for any disability, people are put through horrible assessments and you feel so vulnerable with these people, they make you feel lower than you did before you went in to see them. My sister felt as if she was in a police station being questioned for a crime she didn't commit. I don't think I could go through that to be honest. But thank you so much.


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