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Hi my name is Angela and I've been suffering with depression for about 3months now. My doctor has given me a higher strength anti depressant as I'm just not coping. My marriage has broken down and he no longer lives with me. I have 2 children that live with me and I work part time as a carer. I feel like a hypocrite as I don't care about myself anymore so why should I care about others to cut a long story short I've had a really bad day today and I have a lot of silly thoughts going on in my head. I really need to talk please

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Hello I'm so glad you've reached out. This site is for supporting you and others through these dark days.

Working single mum, ex moves on you left to deal with it and no one says thanks or really asks how you doing.

If you weren't suffering from depression you'd be a robot.

It's so difficult holding together for your kids that you can't look after yourself. But you need to start. I'm not talking manicures or days out. I'm talking giving yourself serious credit for what you've handled so well. Nowadays, it like a unsaid thing, but we are expected to deal with bad marriages, hard work at home and paid, and all the other stuff with family and friends and money. And say we are happy. It's like working for Scrooge 24:7. No recognise the effort you have put in. And allow yourself to say it's too hard at times.

Don't keep pushing yourself you are mentally physically and emotionally exhausted.

So, start small. Things will take time to recover but don't worry recovery will happen with help and support.

Speak to GP keep them aware if meds not working. There is lots of options and anti depressants can be hit or miss. Ask about other therapy, counseling, CBT, mindfulness course. You may have to wait but try out these options.

Meantime check out other online resources. See if there is anything locally that can help.

Make sure you get time off - no housework, no job, no being mum. And do that regularly. A swim, a gym class, a coffee at the shops, a drink with pals. But do it.

We will help you and keep posting.

Take care. You can message people privately and that's good to do. Just chatting can help.

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Hi Angela nice to meet you and welcome to ther site. It sounds like you have got a lot on your plate at the moment and depression certainly makes it a lot worse doesn't it? Hopefully the higher strength dose will kick in soon and you will start to feel a bit better.

The thoughts you are having are real but you know this is the depression talking so don't listen to it. it messes with your head and tells you you are worthless, life has no meaning and so on. I can't add anything to DMM118's great reply but just wanted to say hi.

We all get it on here so stay with us and we will help and support you all we can. x

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