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See my GP Monday

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Just don't know how to get him to realise how dark my thoughts are now. I don't want to speak & struggle to make my feelings understood. Can't get access to MH centre with out referral & wont get refrain because I don't want to talk. Am I as stuck as I feel? Scared of thinking the ultimate.

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Hi Finglas-boy

Would it help to write your thoughts and fears down Finglas-boy and take this with you to your GP.

Look back through your posts on here too, they may help you.

If you are not able to talk to your GP when you go on monday, could you perhaps hand what you have written to your GP at the start of your consultation.

I hope all goes well on monday Finglas-Boy. Be kind to yourself.


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Finglas-Boy in reply to Hidden

What a lovely, thoughtful response, Lottie. Thank you so much. I'm gonna have to start writing more thoughts down. One of the effects of the TBI & epilepsy is I have no short term memory. My Dr is very good & I like him; I think, like us all, he has "bad hair days" too. I think I always have to bear in mind he's. GP & not a specialist. Happy Saturday Lottie. x

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Happy Saturday to you too Finglas-Boy.

I find writing down my thoughts/feelings quite therapeutic. I wish you well Finglas-Boy. Let us know how Monday goes.


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Make a list of your thoughts and attitude to life, explain you are unable to make people understand your feelings. If you have an idea of the cause put down that on your list as well

If you write things down, you will be able to express yourself more fully and you will use your time allocated to better effect.

Regards your ultimate that goes on the list. If you feel the GP would benefit with a copy, give him one as well, it is all to do with making good use of time allowed and remembering what you want to say. We all get flustered at the Surgery.

You mention other illnesses you suffer from again above will help and prevent distractions. I find my GP can become distracted sometimes with my Chronic Health Condition and I miss out what I have gone to see him about


Hi Finglas , I have had to resort to the letter writing also. I make a copy for all involved and list their names so every one knows who received one and I keep a copy for myself. I ask them to read it while I am there and I keep it as brief as possible. It's a list really, for instance headaches very much worse , less than 3 hrs. sleep a night =falling asleep driving. You get the idea. I always tell them it's because I forget things, but it's closer to what Bob said, they get on something and the rest floats away. Still no point in insulting anyone. You've got to be canny. Is that the right term? Pam

I copy everything Pam. There is only so much I can scan & download onto appropriate memory sticks. Also it's essential that certain hard copy is retained. ie docs with signatures. My sleep pattern is non existent & sometimes I'm working @ 3 am coz I can't sleep. But sometimes having no short term can be beneficial! ("Honest,. Your Worships - I don't remember saying that to the Court"!!!)

Well I was singing to the choir wasn't I ?

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Just a thought but I may be wrong. Would loss of short term memory/epilepsy affect your mood etc. There may be a relationship between them that your GP can help with. Sometimes we concentrate on depression by itself but there may be other factors linked to the illness which can also be treated or helped. Maybe asking GP about that could help. If so, maybe epilepsy meds could be varied to stabilise it better thus reducing depression. I've no understanding of the mechanism of epilepsy and depression but if you're still having episodes then that is going to be hard work for your brain to get through causing remedial work on depression to be effected.

Take care x

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Finglas-Boy in reply to DMM218

The short term memory certainly frustrates me. I can be told something now & in 20 mins I'll have forgotten it. Work wise I must make copious notes. I keep 3 diaries & court work is a bugger! My meds are many & that together with my rescue medication affects my prescribed meds for depression. Feels like I rattle!

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DMM218Ambassador in reply to Finglas-Boy

Sounds horrible. All of that is huge stress on body and mind so will defo affect mood - you'd be insane if you didnt feel down because of all of that.

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Court work? I used to be criminal lawyer until this last period of depression. I feel lucky to have the work but luckier I can do something else when I get well enough to work in the future.

I'm lucky to be able to work from home when necessary but desperately trying for voluntary redundancy. Brexit has caused us to rethink everything too. We can return to Germany or back to home in Ireland + we're just 20 miles off the Scottish border. Not bothered about where we are as long as we stay in a rural area. The area we live in does much to bring peace of mind when it's so desperately needed.

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