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Hello, I've been suffering from depression for number of years. I'm on meds and they keep my mood ok but if any problem comes up I get down again due to being easily overwhelmed. I have no motivation. I struggle to get dressed, wash, eat. Housework just doesn't happen. I didn't use to be like this and don't want to continue like this. I find I'm forgetting who I am and believing that awful negative voice about being lazy, stupid, mean, crazy etc

How do I get out of this. I'm constantly told about routine etc by cpn but if I'm too tired to do anything how do I begin. If I have a good day and tackle stuff I'm exhausted for two days after. It's one step forward two steps back.

How to I build resilience and motivation?

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  • Resilience and motivation. Two things which I think I need too. You definitely shouldn't believe that voice, I get that too, and by not believing it you rob it of its power. One thing you can try to do is to try and tell yourself some good things about yourself, even if you don't believe it (yet). If you can commit yourself to doing that every day, eventually it should help.

  • That's what I try to do anyway. It's not working yet, but I think it's good advice. Visualisation seems like an important part of self confidence to me.

  • And of course I'm not a health professional, so don't completely trust what I say.

  • No but as a fellow patient you may know the practical better than the theory of a professional.

  • That makes sense.

  • I will try. I've tried before and done self hypnosis etc works short term but doesn't seem to get deep enough for long term confidence.

  • Currently I'm in bed (fully clothed) feeling really cold- I have a jumper just beside me but reaching for it seems too much. I'm really hungry having not ate anything all day. But again, getting out of bed and going downstairs and grabbing something to eat looks like a marathon. I also need to pee. This I will put off for as long as possible as most movement is too much. Depression sucks

  • I understand how movements can be so difficult. Though my problem is with overeating, not undereating. But my friend helps with that by me eating her food, which is healthy and homemade, which is a godsend.

  • I can overeat - I go between the two - I'm going to move now - will totally get up and pee (in toilet not bed) and go downstairs and make coffee and toast. I am going to visualise the get out of bed moment like an race - I will hear the cheers as I achieve my goal of coffee. I'm getting voices in my head to urge me on and totally make this happen.

  • That's a good thing to visualise. It should encourage you to move more. I know I need to move more, and perhaps that'll help.

  • I think that unfortunately it is a matter of repetition. By doing that you also become a little bit more resilient, as you are essentially working against your own inner voice, forcing it to tell you good things about yourself. And when it comes to resilience I think it takes baby steps. I don't necessarily know what all those steps are, but I can try to offer a way to get people on the path towards those steps. Hopefully it succeeds.

  • I am awesome at moving. I am the best at moving my legs off the bed. I will raise my body vertically like a titan. I shall walk purposefully to the bathroom

  • Still in bed

  • Have you managed to move? Hopefully you have

  • Only my thumb to text running commentary on this post. 3,2,1 Go

  • I have used the power of humour to show the ridiculousness of my situation. But it's true. All my energy goes into my thinking, thoughts which are eaten up by depression. I'm exhausted and can't move.

  • Sometimes the best thing to do is to not think. I know that's rich coming from someone who lives in his head, but maybe not thinking about it will help? I don't know if it will work though. I have tried meditation once and it seemed like a useful thing to do, to live in the moment, if that makes sense.

  • I'll have to go soon, I'll be having something to eat. But I will be back.

  • Up and fed.

  • That's great, I'm glad you did it.

  • Well done. I sometimes do the same thing as you and sit there exhausted because moving is too much of an effort. What I find help me is to keep some microwave meals in for when I can't be bothered to cook. It's better than eating bread all the time.

    Maybe you are doing too much on your good days? Why not do a bit less and conserve some energy for the next day?

    Another thing I do which sounds really silly but it does work for me. When I sit here having my usual endless debates about getting up and doing something I break out of the cycle by looking at my feet and telling them to move. In that split second before my mind starts again I get up.

  • Yes I know that split second - just wish I could use it all the time - to move again without thinking, forcing , willing. Previous comment was not overthinking it - I'm sure there is something in all of that.

  • I do that also

  • it will come in time. Meanwhile keep moving by whatever means you can as that is very important.

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