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Need suggestion on this different kind of behavior


one of my friend suffering with different behavior. He abuses his parents badly daily, talk himself and not sleeping enough. Later after he abused, he used to say that he used to say that he could not abuse him and he is not aware that he spoke like


Couple of years back, his mom took him to psychiatric hospital on suggestion given by one of their relative. the reason why he was taken to, he used to scold his father for not continued his studies and not feed him properly since childhood. Because when the financial background of them were poor and put him in a shop after he completes his +12 studies. he worked in couple of years (nearly 4-5 years) and came to home and settled at home and not went for any work. he just eat, sleep and scold his father. it was happend 4-5 years. since he was scolding his father, his mom took him to hospital, medicine was given by doctor after treated him. he had those medicine and he was looking good after had medicine. Before he was lean.

then his mom took him again to hospital and got medicine. when he started having the medicine from second time, started becoming lean and completely became skeleton. Went for check up and it confirmed it is Diabetics. after knowing this, he denied to take medicine for Diabetics to control. It went extreme and got serious. he went in coma and admitted in a hospital. He was treated and discharged after a 15 days of treatment. Doctor suggest him to have insulin on daily basis to control it. Initially he used to have it on daily basis. Later, some days he used to quarrel with their parents (he blames his parent spoiled his health. If they made him studied, he would have not fallen into this situation) and not to have insulin.

it has passed 2 years and now he is abusing their parents badly on these reasons everyday. He is not cooperating them to give a chance for them to take him to hospital for it to get resolution. Days are going on, his parents are suffering badly by his behavior.

Please provide resolution for this. His age now 34, unmarried

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