Work :-(

So, I ended up breaking down and was sent home from work on Friday. :-( This has not been the first time that I broke down at a work place (especially, at this particular job for that matter). :-( I was told to not come in to work on Monday, but rather to wait for a call. I'm in big trouble now and have to really look for another job. :-( My husband is upset and I really don't know what to do. Can I be fired for having multiple mental breakdowns at work? If so, can I collect unemployment?

I have had plenty of issues holding a job in the past. The thing with me is that I take things way too personal from other employees to the point that I break down in unacceptable ways. :-( These negative things that other employees do and say build up inside me to the point that I can't take it anymore and I eventually explode by crying uncontrollably at the work place and I am unable to address my feelings with the other employees who I feel harmed by properly.

I dread the phone call later on today by my employer. No matter what, I need a fresh start and I really can't get involved with drama from other employees at the work place anymore for my sanity's sake. I would greatly appreciate any advice on this matter. Thanks


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