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Relief 👍

Just an update

There 'is' light at the end of the tunnel

Keep going folks, if I can feel bit better so can you. 3 weeks ago I was ready to chuck it all in.This morning I felt like the old me I have been searching for was finally on its way back.

Weird thing is, I stopped taking my a/d on Saturday morning as I thought they were making me worse. I have an appt with doc on Monday to let him know.

I pray this feeling stays with me

Can't cope with the rapid ups an downs.

But..... for now... I feel good 😊 👍please stay 🙏

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Its good to hear that your feeling better. long may it continue. wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo


Thankyou Grace,I can only hope 🙏💗

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Thanks for the update and I'm so glad its a positive one. You're braver than me as I've never had the nerve to discontinue my medications although they fall a long way short of getting rid of my depression. Although I eventually have come out of my many spells of depression I never really know what part if any the medication played.

I think you're very wise to keep your GP up to date with what's been happening, and like you I hope you keep feeling good ,forever hopefully , but at least for a long time. Try and leave your GP feeling good, no "I tried your pills and feel better now I've stopped them". Doctors can only do their best and the depression mystery is little understood.



There sure is light Hardtotalk I am pleased to hear you have found it.

I keep the mantra in mind .. 'Hold one for one more day' really helps.

When we get to this point on our healing journey, careful and consistent management is the key to success. Daily repetition is imperitif to move forward, onwards and upwards :)

It delights me to read your post.


Thankyou Satsuma x will keep updated when I see doc on Monday

Take care xx

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Lovely to hear this.

It certainly does give hope. Thank you for sharing.

Glad your seeing your gp to check out coming off meds safely 😊

Thank you for sharing


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Just hoping things go ok til Monday when I see doctor


Take care also x

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Yes I hope so for you too.

They usually recommend gradually coming off meds and not to suddenly not take At all. So you can get what he thinks very soon.

Look forward to hearing how it goes, if you get chance

M 🌺

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2nd update

Went to docs as planned(incredibly anxious)Especially when first seeing him and him saying he was ready to retire and live in Australia to earn more money !!!(didn't want to talk much then)

Explained how I was feeling with the extreme mood swings and that I thought the fluoxetine was just making things worse.i told him I stopped taking them a week ago.

He turned to me and just said "well, I can't do no more for you, I will refer you to psych team....very matter of fact. Felt like I shouldn't have gone after all 🙁


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