Working with depression

I am Unemployed and looking for work . The thing is I have had many bad experiences with work (been bullied in one , attacked in another)

I live at home and have had many gaps between jobs due to health problems. I feel this has set me off on a bad track .

Basically I am struggling with motivation, I used to be quite positive but it seems to have all gone now.

People from the outside looking in think I'm just being self indulgent as I don't look unwell etc. I get people saying ' why don't you get a proper job , you have a degree , why can't you drive '.

I've applied for many many jobs and some have turned out to be unsuitable ( I can't get to them due to not driving ).

How can I motivate myself to work ?I feel pretty ashamed to not work but at the same time my spark has gone.

I've got an interview for a job tomorrow that I am scared about . It is long hours and has bad reviews ( staff being treated badly etc.)

I'm struggling to find the reason to do anything. I don't have many friends & I'm single . Where I live I can't afford to move out .

Sorry to rant on .

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Hi Kittykatxxxxx, dont apologise for ranting... feels good to get it off your chest ay!

Sorry to hear about you poor experiences in you previous jobs, you definitely did not deserve that.

Just keep thinking to yourself where you want to be in life. Use that as motivation. Really believe in it though, YOU CAN do it and YOU WILL DO IT.

You may not believe in yourself but believe me, so many others do! Heck I believe in you and I don't even know you, I have only read this post from you but you have a degree, you're articulate.

Regarding the interview tomorrow, if you wish to get some advice or even just want to vent some more feel free to send me a PM on here I am more than happy to help.

Remember for tomorrow, you can do and you will do it.


Hello KittyKat, welcome to the forum. If you are in the UK you can get help from the Disability Employment Adviser at your local job centre. They can help you figure out what the best work to apply for is, that is suited to you. They can then refer you to Work Choice or Access To Work. Both schemes run by the govt that give you help and support for up to 2 years, and can be extended if needed. Just look online for more details.

If you are not in the UK, then I am sorry I don't have any info. I wish you luck with your interview tomorrow.


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