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Hi is it just me or are we living in a selfish world. Were all everyone thinks about is themselves if this is how it's like for ever I don't want to be here.

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  • Hi Jorna I think everyone thinks this once in a while. But there are so many selfless good people out there, you just have to stop focusing on the people that have done you wrong. It just causes you more pain and they are not worth it. Try to think of all the kindness you have witnessed in the world and keep going. You have so much to live for xoxo

  • I've had the very same thought lately.I wasn't raised to be selfish, and I don't understand why so many people are this way.

  • Hello Jorna,The world in its self is fairly beguine . It's the people in it that seem to be good, bad, or indifferent to others.What you have to do is to control your little part of it as much as you can. Keep your family and friends close and add to your group anyone who you enjoy being with and who treat you well. I assume you will be doing good things for others. The people who are mean or indifferent stay away from as much as possible. That do unto others saying works pretty well. Pam

  • At times everyone is selfish and at other times most people show selflessness. Most of us realise this before we reach adulthood and also realise that's perfectly normal and to be expected. As an example maybe 80% become parents and strive to give their children the best possible at some cost to themselves. Is this selfish or selfless ?

    How else would you expect it to be ? The world is how it is and humans will behave in the way evolution ( where both selfishness and selflessness were needed for survival) has shaped them.

  • you don't need to focus on the bad things about this world. This behaviour will stay here while we're alive and after we are gone and it's the driving force behind countries and economies and the banking crisis. So don't focus your attention on them, it's a wasted effort.

    instead discover your inner and outer balance where you are happy and content. by inner balance I mean putting feelings and thoughts aside that are irrelevant and superficial on situations that won't change by your actions alone and thoughts that you can't do anything about because of what you're seeing outside. outer balance is by enjoying things you see and like doing that means something important to you and brings peace to your mind.

    example, where I work there some very annoying people who feel they are important and should be considered in every talk and situation even though they're on the same pay grade as me. I don't let their shouty 'me' moments get to me and just flush it out like it's never happened. its part of my life so i have earn a living to pay bills but learning to live in the social environment is important as it helps to practice how to balance the social forces with how i should or shouldn't react. Once I'm home i sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and leave work's problems there where they belong.

    We alone choose how we think and react and we alone can change how we think and react.

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