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Hi friends been a while since I've been here, i need some help, long story short, I've had major depression for over ten years, I've just started intense CBT this week, problem is I'm drinking alot of alcohol, every two nights a week in closing Saturday and Sunday, only four pints each night since start of last December, I'm getting a fair bit pain in my lower right back, I'm scared because I'm becoming reliant on it, if a night goes by and i don't have alcohol I'm really irritable and low, I'm putting on weight, I'm absolutely knackered walking up a small hill near my home, if anyone knows of ways to come off alcohol, get rid of that urge please let me know x also when i go to toilet for web a number one it's quite a different colour.

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  • Hello Phil, The only way I can relate to this is by telling you how I quit smoking. First I thought about it for awhile, I knew I needed to be committed if I were going to succeed.Then I wrote the reasons I wanted to quit. Money, smell, how it affected my family. Then I set a date and announced to family and friends my plan. I decided to buy one last pack of cigarettes , these were to be smoked only if I was ready to kill. So the day came and I stopped smoking. Except for 2 cigarettes out of my emergency pack, I never smoked again.That was 40 yrs. ago.

  • Hi Phil

    I really sympathise as I know full well this is a cycle I could easily fall into myself (instead of drinking, I overeat massively which is destructive in a different way). I'm not qualified to give you advice other than to suggest that you talk honestly to your GP and/or CBT counsellor (I say "honestly" because it's REALLY hard admitting there's a problem, and you've admitted it to us here which is quite courageous, in my view).

    Remember - you are stronger than you think.

    Good luck.

  • i am trying to put a link on here with agencies that can support you to stop drinking. hopefull it will come up so that you can just click on it if not then just type it into google. nhs.uk/Livewell/alcohol/Pag...

  • Hi Phil07815

    Your drinking may affect the result of the CBT, so please discuss this with your therapist. It is very hard for you to give up but rather than a total cut off, you may find it easier to cut it half to begin with, telling yourself the positive benefits plus an CBT are going to make you feel so much better.

    I imagine this is why your urine is a different colour, just like some foods can change the colour too. If you are worried, speak with your GP,

    Read more about addiction on here:


    Stay strong Phil


  • Hello Phil, first off well done for recognising that you have a problem, and then seeking help on this forum. I agree with the other posts that you should pop yourself to the GP and tell them about the drinking and the change of colour of your wee. If you find it to difficult to tell them, just write what you have posted here on a piece of paper and hand it to them. GP's are trained and used to patients finding it difficult to tell them things, so please don't feel that you are the first or only person to communicate in this way.

    I am not medically qualified, but am a qualified social worker of 23 years and have worked with people who have addictions. Please do not stop drinking suddenly, this is dangerous as it can cause seizures. To avoid this, the safest thing is to be supervised medically as you reduce the amount you drink, this is another reason to go to the GP as they can refer you to the right service. I hear that you are putting on weight, is this just because of the drink? Many people will just drink and will skip meals or stop eating altogether, getting their calories from the drink. It is really important that you try to eat healthy, nutritious meals. I know this is difficult, and it does seem easier to crack open a tinny, but your body needs to have healthy stuff in it so that it can process the nasties in the alcohol. Even if you are not eating well at the moment, try and get some vitamin B12 to take, this will give your system a bit of support whilst you go through the process.

    You have already experienced the lows caused by alcohol. It is a depressant and yes you will feel really depressed the next morning, and physically exhausted if you are not eating peoperly. Bananas are a good source of potassium and if you can manage to drink some water last thing at night and first thing in the morning, this will help your liver and kidneys flush out the alcohol. Remember alcohol is poisonous, humans are designed to process some poison out using the liver and kidneys, but they don't do well under constant pressure.

    As Chloe40 has said, tell your CBT therapist, they maybe able to expedite a referral to a drug and alcohol service quickly. Remember there is also the AA, look them up on the internet, there will be a meeting near you that you can go along to and get support, or there might be a phone number you can call just to speak to someone.

    I hope this is useful, as I said, well done for recognising that you have a problem and having the desire to get it sorted. Please do not stop drinking suddenly, alcohol is not like other addictions, it is not a purely psychological addiction, it is a physical addiction that can cause problems if suddenly stopped. Please go to you GP, they are the best person to help you.

    Keep in touch, and let us support you as you get this sorted.

    Take care,


  • Have just read your interesting article/ reply message on this site . Thank God for very caring and knowledge sharing people like you ! You deserve a big hug .

    Keep up the good work . Thank you on behalf of people who may be greatly helped by your article in future ,

    From personal experience I can say that AA are a very good efficient and helpful organisation probably because it' s been around for so long . I so wish there was some great equivalent organisation at national & local level for depression though it's a much more complex problem than alcohol .


  • Thanks for the replies guys, the amount of alcohol I'm drinking is 4 pints every two nights as week including some weekends, i don't know if that's classed as excessive or not but i also feel discomfort round my lower right back, not sure if this is connected or not but I'll do anything to stop, ive never drank like this in my life, yes my depression has lifted alot but it's now been taken over by drinking.

  • Why don't you try none alco drinks taste same ish.read watch film keep busy.occupy yourself new hobby.good luck keep positive.

  • A new hobby is a great distraction, I took up photography and it gets me out walking, sometimes just around the streets and other times I head for the hills or the coast. Best thing I have ever done for me, I too have lived with major depression and anxiety disorder for a decade and I know how easy it is to fall off the cliff and seek solace in something harmful to yourself.

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