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Hi all I am struggling to cope with job interviews and the world of work, I felt alone in an interview today, feel like people are not there for me, the interviewers seemed confident and strong and I was sat there like a little mouse, back looking for work, I do hope things get easier, I just feel like the more I do for people the less I get back in return as I am too nice, anger sets in then. On a plus side I have started my relationship counselling 3rd session in. Some days are better than others, mixed emotions, crying, low mood, anger. On Good Friday my husband went out drinking I cleaned the house and I am caring for his dad (cleaning and washing before he has his hip done in few weeks time) taken on role of that as no other family members want to know or help. I just took some headache tablets as I felt quite heady I just felt like taking the whole packet with a bottle of wine but I didn't. It would have been so much easier to go quickly like that. This feeling soon went and I felt nothing as low but it worries me how low I could get to do such a thing

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  • Hi there Angelmarrow141

    Attending job interviews are stressful and they can make you feel low too, so try and take care of yourself.

    Good to hear you've started you Counselling.

    In the meantime have a read of the guides here which should be very useful to you.

    Warm wishes


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