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I wrote on here a month or so ago as I needed advice about managing my depression and applying for a new job while in the middle of a house move. House move going ahead and new job isn't. Mood not brilliant but manageable. But a week ago I got a horrible virus and have been feeling really poorly. Now, I'm really tired, have no enthusiasm and just want to stay in bed. I can't tell if the virus is lingering (the other symptoms have mostly disappeared) or if these are symptoms of depression - I feel nauseous and flat and am much worse in the mornings - classic depression symptoms for me. I'm not sure if I should be letting my body rest or pushing myself to get some fresh air and exercise. And of course I'm also worrying that my depression is out of control again...

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  • Activity and exercise is best. Don't let this get you down

  • Kind words coming up. I totally get how you are feeling and I know from my own experiences it can be very hard to distinguish between physical illness and depression sometimes, but the fact you have had a virus I bet it's mainly that. The trouble I find is that they feed off each other and I know when I feel physically ill my depression is worse and vice versa.

    I think exercise and fresh air is good whatever it is but don't over exercise yourself if you don't feel up to it. How about some gentle walking and a sit down in your garden or park etc?

    If you still feel the same in a little while then I would go back to your doctor for a check up.

    I really hope you are feeling a bit better soon and it's not your depression back. If it is though don't forget that you dealt with it before and you can again. Take care sweetheart.

  • Thank you thank you thank you :)

  • Bless :) xx

  • Take advantage of the good weather and sit in the sunshine. It always makes me feel better. x

  • Hi Busylizzie,You have had a lot going on lately and that can put you in a vulnerable place . I would take good care of myself physically first. Sometimes these things hang on for awhile. You know the routine rest ,good food , a little exercise as others have said. Part of what you are feeling is probably fear that your depression is back and that isn't necessarily so. If it happens to be the case remember what worked for you before and plan your attack. You kicked butt and you can again. We are here for you, I always find that such a comfort and I hope you do also. How about some daily reports? They don't have to be long. I'm OK. there that's my report for the day so let's have yours. Hugs and a cup of tea from, Pam

  • Hi busylizzie,

    I know exactly what you mean by worrying about if it's a depression or just a blue day. Sometimes I worry so much that I think it turns into depression. Fresh air abd exerciseare best. Hang in there.


  • Don't let the depression keep you down and in the house. Get active but don't push yourself too hard. Take it one step at a time. Go outside and feel the air on your skin and enjoy what's around you. Stay strong!

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