Depression and Anxiety

I am 16 and for the past 2 years I have been in and out of bad depression. At one point I isolated myself (I even giving up on dance which is my one thing that keeps me going) and I started to self harm. Life at school had always been very tricky and they were never helpful. I left when I was 14/15 and was home schooled for 1/2 a year which was when I went deep into depression. Tried a new school (which was a dance school) from last September went horribly wrong again do left in February. I have never felt properly happy and full of energy since and constantly get anxiety attacks about what other people think of me and being left on my own. I don't have many friends and all of this has broken up my family's relationship. I can't remember what it felt like to be happy and not tired

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  • You seem to have rung the changes in your Education and you do not elaborate on why this has been problematic. You also have been home schooled for six months, was this on your old schools recommendation or did your family take over your home education because of problems at your dance school

    I do not understand why you feel your family relationship has collapsed because of your insular ways. You mention Self Harm ?. Have you had any treatment to approach your problems. When you were been educated in a school environment what.

    How can we help ?


  • Hello 1234M, don't over worry, you are at an age when anxiety and depression can be caused by the recent changes in your body and hormones and I hope you are lucky and grow out of it as happened with my daughter.

    You don't say if you have seen your GP but you certainly ought to .Depression and anxiety are nearly always difficult or impossible to fight without some medical help and it would be best to get correctly diagnosed and any help you need now while young. Having said that you should check if your GP thinks you need prescribed medication or therapy , it is equally important that you use your inner resources to fight this. You need exercise, healthy eating and sleep habits and until you have shaken this off no or little alcohol and certainly no recreational drugs. I realise at 16 some of these things probably won't tempt you yet but its so easy as you get past 16 to turn to alcohol or drugs for temporary relief. A big no no , they won't help and will almost certainly make things worse. Social contact with friends and family is very important. We all know the temptation to isolate oneself but this is where your courage is important in keeping up with friends and family socially. Isolating yourself leads to yet more isolation and will become a real problem if you give into it. Is there no amateur dance group you can join locally which would be a big help to you and maybe lead to extra friends ?.

    So ,see your GP if you have n't already done so. That in itself should give you a better feeling as you'll have taken a positive step to solve your problems. Your GP is also likely to know of local therapy groups to help with your anxiety , but I suspect if you tackle the depression problem first with your GP much of the anxiety may vanish with it.

    I do hope so and wish you very well soon.


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