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No effort

I feel so drained, I literally have no effort anymore. I couldn't even lift my head when bathing today I was just so tired, I just can't be bothered. It's even taking so much effort just to write this post. I can't be bothered for anything. I just want to curl up in bed and cry. Even though i've handed in my notice i've still got another 4 weeks there and I don't think I can do it. I'm tired. I'm sad. I'm just so incredibly sick of feeling like this, I want to feel lively again, I want to look forward to things but everything seems so dark. I don't know what to do.

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Well its all in your hands to work on getting stronger and better. You sound depressed but will make yourself weaker and worse if you aren't active and socialising.

Have you identified any feel good things?

What about journaling some positives each day?


Writing down positives each day sounds like a good idea, thank you


I agree, journaling is a great stress reliever. A place where you can express any and all feelings. I began the practice in 1986 when I was suddenly hit with catastrophic blood clots. I never stopped. Just make sure any children, even adult kids know if they ever read it that it's raw and very real.

I began in 86 because I was expected to die and I wanted my new born son to know his dad. Now he's a father to six! Lifes anything but boring. Hang in there and remember that even in the struggle richness of character is developing in you and will impact so many. 😊


Ive tried journaling before a few years back and it was pretty dark stuff. I don't really know what to write about though in all honesty!


Hey,Maisiemay, you've been brave enough to give up that job and hopefully to have told your fellow prisoners you're escaping in four weeks. You sound young and you can't afford to not be bothered , curl up in bed and cry. All the things you say you want won't arrive until you summon up your courage again and fight. Of course you're fed up with feeling as you describe, but you do know what to do.

Give it your best fight and if that's not enough have a heart to heart with your Mum and if that does n't work your next port of call should be your GP who will probably be able to help.


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I like the way you word quitting my job😂 most definitely a prison!

I'm just not sure how to pick myself back up when i feel like I've got no reason to. I hate this feeling, it's like wallowing in self pity but i don't know how to stop.

I mentioned it lightly to my mum about how i literally can't be bothered to do anything, i didnt join in their conversations before because it was effort to just talk, i couldnt even go on my tablet to watch some movies or something i enjoyed because even that was effort. She said i just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and pick myself up. I know where shes coming from, laying around isnt going to help but i don't know how to stop the need to just lay down. My mum actually suffered with depression and anxiety when i was born, which is probably why i'm prone to it, however when she went to the GP those days werent very understanding of mental health and just told her to stop feeling sorry for herself, get off her ass and do something. She said it worked though, she felt embarrassed that she was so weak and decided to try and make things work, but i don't think thats exactly helpful for me.


Thereisn't a NEED to just lay down, it's important you fight back and don'tgive in to these feelings


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