An update

Well anyone who has read my previous posts will know about my troubles of last year. I won my job back and went back a few weeks ago. I have had nothing but kindness from staff and managers alike. I am writing this to show that people are usually kind and understanding and anyone with mental health problems who are worried about going back to work will usually find that their fears are groundless.

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  • Congratulations, Smartbob!!! I do love to hear success stories and encouragement.

  • Ive been off work sick with anxiety and panic I am due back to work on wed. Im already fearing that people have been talking about me as my boss wasnt very understanding

  • I am sure that people will make up their own minds, and you will most likely be surprised by the kindness of people. There is a much better understanding of mental illness now than there was years ago. It is in the news one way or another every day. You would not be worried if you had been off with a broken leg, yet you have been ill all the same. Hold your head up high xxxxxx

  • Hey, Smartbob1

    So good to hear from you and I'm so happy to read that everyone has been supportive of you. Thank you for posting your good news and I wish you good luck with all that you do.


  • Thank you Chloe xxxx

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