i have a poem for all my friends ........You know when i am happy,you know when i am sad, when i am crying and when i am bad when being selfish or feeling pride you know there is knowhere for me to hide for years i couldnt see you i never really cared the hurtfull feeling that i had i never really shared but now my eyes are open and you are allways there you walk along beside me and i know you will allways care

Another poem...... Why does it have to happen said a soldier to his friend. Will there never come a day when all these wars will end. We cry at night for mothers we haven't seen in years, we try to write of happy things not of men who all have fears. Lying here on the land that men have bravely died for,let no one say we didn't care or why we died this way for, so dear God look down on me and take me in your arms, lift me from the pain I have and fill me with all your calms

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  • love this Abbi. thank you! :)

  • You are welcome

  • I am so pleased you all like my poems

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