Bipolar Story

Hi I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 and a wife with numerous health issues, Bipolar being 1 of them I was diagnosed just over a year ago and told that I had probably been suffering with it since I was 14. this angered me to start with not the condition but the fact that I had gone 14 years nearly being treated for depression when in theory that was only making me worse, but I'm now on Lithium, Pregabalin, Duloxetine and Aripiprazole finally found just the right combination of tablets and doses it only actually took just under a year to get the Lithium to the right dose, but now I feel like a different person most of the time don't get me wrong I still have my down days/times but who doesn't, I really feel like I have made it "through the tunnel and out the other end". This is the first time I have really sat and thought and admitted that I'm so chuffed with myself for persevering and not letting it beat me I feel I am getting my life back with both my husband (who I am so proud of for sticking by me through thick and thin) and my beautiful daughters.


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