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Hi Guys

Just a vent really. Doing better depression wise at the moment, it is the usual daily battle but I win a lot of them or at least it is a draw. Project at work is stressing me at the moment and so I woke up at 3:30 and failed to get any decent sleep. Now it is going to be harder to work on the project and I will not get done what I wante. That is where the 'failure' and the self loathing kick in. Thanks anxiety, thanks a bunch.


I am aware of the full situation so I will do my best take tomorrow as it comes hopefully with a good nights sleep. The project is important to me but it is not life and death, and not worth putting me back to being a gibbeing wreck, rocking backward and forward mumbling to myself.

Right expectations lowered but with sound reasoning, time to tackle the day the best I can.

Look after yourselves people.



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10 Replies

  • I hear you MattBuckland

  • It is so nice to know that you are out there listening.


  • Deep breathe and one tiny step at a time Matt. It will come together one way or another. Promise.

    Don't think about the end result just the next step along the way. Rushing to the end result will use valuable energy and your crystal ball may have flaws. Have faith.

    Throwing you a handful of sunshine and energy.

    Now it's up to you to source caffeine and chocolate help along the way, with a good blast of Quo (other music available), to give the spirit a fix of happy.

    Go well.


  • Thanks Nedd, got through it. Took a few steps forward today and that is good enough. Time to chill now, Matt

  • Well done Matt. I think a lot of people expect far too much of themselves and become unhappy when they can't live up to their ideals. A good dose of pragmatism is essential. I totally agree that work is not worth your health. You can only ever do the best you can and no one can ever criticise you for that can they? Best is best. Good luck with your project. x

  • Thanks Bev, got things moved forward a bit today, and didn't think I would have so not so bad. I was silly and in working on Sunday so that probably didn't help.

    Time to relax

  • That was very inspirational, very positive. I love the sounds of hope. Hope is beautiful

  • Thanks Alice, I have learnt a lot and come along way since I first came on this Forum, it is good to write things down and remind yourslef every now and then. Lots more to learn, but now a DVD and a cup of tea.


  • whishing you all the very best Matt. Its true what you say nothing is worth damaging our health for. i do hope that you get a decent nights sleep. it does make all the difference. love grace xoxo

  • Thanks Grace for your lovely reply. I do hope today has been kind to you.


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