Getting Restful Sleep with Depression

I'm just wondering how to get restful sleep with depression. No matter how much sleep I get I never feel like it is enough. I always feel extremely tired and spend all my time thinking about the next time I can go to sleep. For a long time I spent all my free time sleeping, but I knew that wasn't healthy. Maybe I just need more sleep than the average person, but I can sleep 10-11 hours and still not feel rested. What are your tips for getting restful sleep?


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4 Replies

  • Check with your GP first. Your quality of sleep may not even be a direct result of your depression. Rule out breathing issues, etc. Then maybe a sleep aid could be prescribed. It helped me to put in earplugs and listen to Christmas tunes while I was sobbing at nights over the holidays.

    It's an interesting thought: is sleep disturbed by depression, is depression caused or intensified by sleep disturbance, or is it a never ending cycle?

  • Try some cCamomile tea .. Lovely and soothing. There is also Valerian tea which has a strong taste if you are not used to it .. A nice bubble bath helps to relax you with a few drops of Lavender oil .. Sleep meditations on YouTube are good too .. Hope you find something that works catmother

  • Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

  • Hi catmother

    a long time ago In desperation I had been to a Chinese doctor for something and in conversation I mentioned sleep and she said you should drink milk at bedtime , I only remembered this a few weeks ago when trawling the Internet and saw a diet for epilepsy ( which I have ) , this said the same drink milk at bedtime it contains dopamine that's why babies sleep ( I wonder if that's where the word dopey comes from? ) . The other thing I'd like to mention is that my son bought my wife a SAD lamp a few weeks ago , it's quite a large one its 12ins wide X 20ins wide he said he wanted to buy a good one for his mother , but WOW when you put it on its so bright like summer light I suppose , it shows how SO dark winter days are , the instructions say you have to sit 18ins away looking at the light for 15mins , it certainly lifts your mood and her SAD

    Hope this helps

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